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"The Diary of Horace Wimp" is a song by the legendary British band Electric Light Orchestra , which was released as a single in August 1979 promoting her hit album "Discovery " considered by the specialized press as the end point of the great career of this talented group led by Jeff Lynne . Electric Light Orchestra
is one of the most famous bands in rock history as efficiently mixed and striking various sounds associated with the symphonic to rock, making music that is full of wonderful details.

This song was written by Jeff Lynne , who was inspired once again in one of his favorite bands: The Beatles . Lynne
always declared a Fab Four fan. In fact, in his youth in the neighborhoods of Birmingham formed several tribute bands, and from time to time was engaged to take sounds and harmonies similar to those used Paul, John, Ringo and George . Years later, the creative mind of ELO would close friend of his idols especially Harrison, who came to share the stage and production records.

One of the songs with "beatlemaniacs" is "The Diary of Horace Wimp" , where Lynne travel achieved remarkable chord in a musical production of high quality memorable. In terms of subject matter, this song is a critique of those who abused groped ballads to the topic the ugly man and full of bad luck that always falls for the wrong woman and decides to live forever alone, and also depressed.

Here Jeff tells a crucial week in the life of a man who is looking for that special woman. It was in those days where the character named Horace Wimp , aided by a voice from beyond, he meets a girl who over time became his beloved wife. But there is an error !!!!... It is not really a week in the life of Mr. Wimp , as in the song is not mentioned on Saturday . The reason for this strange detail was explained briefly by the author of the song an interview: "The Sabbath is ignored because it is the day of football . Recall that Lynne is a lover of football and cheer on the Birmingham City Football Club to the point that neither forget his songs go to the stadium ...

This "dime" was recorded at Musicland Studios located in beautiful Munich, Germany. In that recording session, Lynne is the producer and also got to sing lead vocals, played guitar, piano and synthesizers.

"The Diary of Horace Wimp" reached # 8 of the UK Singles charts. He was also a success in Ireland where it peaked at number 10 in the charts, becoming one of the most acclaimed songs of the band in the British territory, and over the years into one of the classic pieces from the repertoire of this wonderful band that made the court within the Pop / Rock.


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